Excitement Last 10 minutes

To day I gave my wife the piece of compress carbon. How did I break the news to her? And why today? Well tomorrow we are going to have a reunion dinner with her family, so I thought that this will be a good chance to show it off to her mum. Of course I can score point mah! The 2nd reason is that, the anxiety is killing me. I wanted to see how my wife look when the light reflected off the white piece of carbon would do to her face.

I am sorely disappointed actually. When she was starting to go to bed, we exchange some mushy stuff and stuff the ring in her face. I can see the eyes open pretty wide after that. She twist and turn it. Looking it this way and that. "How much is it?" "When did you get it?" "Did the sales person ask who I was getting it for?" "You really dare to spend." "Thank You." That is my dear wife whom I am married to for 3 years now. Practical N appreciative.

That piece of excitement only managed to keep her awake for a mere 10 minutes longer. Then she get back on the bed and sleep and sleeping soundly while I am writing this. I was sorely disappointed. I thought that the carbon that size will keep her awake for much longer than 10 minutes. I think it is the packaging. The carbon must come with good food and correct ambiance to bring out the excitement in a a woman.

Of cos Love you dar dar.

PS: She actually saw the stone on my blog. She thought that this crazy man is trying for a jewelry advertisement.
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Me and my phone

My first phone was an Ericsson. The GH688. It was a good phone but as with phone of that time the battery life is short. Very short. After a 1/2 hour chat you have to charge it already.

My 2nd phone was a T28. The first flip phone by Ericsson. It was cool the way the mouth piece flip out at the touch of a button. However it went the way of the DODO as somehow the power chip on the phone is screwed. Even if you did not use the phone, the battery would be very very hot. Burning type hot. So it was traded in.

My 3rd phone was also my 1st Nokia. The cool red color 8310. I like the white coloured LED backlight. It was bright enough to light up the area and help guide me in the dark cinema. This phone also have a great significant. It is the 1st phone that I drop and lost. Bye bye.

Subequently, most of the phone that I purchase was Nokia. The 4th was also a Nokia. It is the 6510. It has very similar features as the 8310. I think the firm ware is the same except that the back light is blue. It is still around but I don't hold it anymore. At that point in time, I was already married. My wife hold a Nokia 3210. The brick. One of the heaviest model ever made by nokia. It was already 2-3 year old and the battery is gone. So every other day when I made a call to my her, I would get cut off mid way or I cannot get her at all. I only hold that 6510 for 2 months.

My first reservist call up came not too long after I bought the 6510. Not wanting to damage it, I got a 2nd hand 8210 from a friend of mine. So I told her to use my 6510 for the time being while I bring the 8210 to "Cheong Xhua". We develop a relationship and it was one of the best phone I used. Hardy, reliable and very tough. After reservist............ I never got the chance to get back the 6510. Anyway all the phone book swapping is a hassle.

So before the 8210 has no trade in value, I made a change again. This time back to Ericsson. However this time it is SonyEricsson. The phone concern is the T630. It was a good phone if not for the fact the interface is lousy. To perform a SMS sending I had to go thru so many buttons and screen. But as time goes by, I am used to it already. I was forced to changed. When one fine day my wife send it fly and it could no longer charge. Just like .... that cannot stand. How to use?

So thanks to my Bear of a friend, I change to my current model. My 6th phone, the Nokia 6230i. I even bought a 512 MB memory for it. One sad Eve of Christmas Eve, on a cab back to office. I lost it. I was sick and not really in a good condition and did not check the cab while I got out. The phone decided to hitch a ride. A philiphino pick it up. How I know? Some chap used it to call the philiphines.

In replacement beacuse I really need a phone, I got the same model. So that the back up made to my PC can be restored to the new one. My 7th phone. Hope it will last longer. It has more than enff features for me to use.

One of life constant.

I went to a wake of a fellow reservist yesterday evening. I am once again reminded of the constant in life, Change and Death.

It will be my turn. Someday. But I will worry about that later. Now I want to live my life to the fullest.

I guess it is fated. He has 2 parachutes. Both failed him. I hate to imagine what was going through his mind while falling. I wish him well wherever he may be in afterlive. He was a good man.

If only it is this big.

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Jan 2006

2006. Is it a good year? It is too early to judge. But it is off to a bad start. Within weeks of the new year, I have already received news of 2 breakup. One of them already married. The other pair have been together for almost 11 years.

What is wrong with relationship among male and female Singaporeans? Why am I hearing so many breakup? Is the social climate not right to forge a long lasting relationship? Or is it simply the genes that are left dormant in the male species awakening?

As a species, there is this encode behavious to try to protect the speciecs from the fate of extinction. And to do so is to spread ones genes as wide as possible so that at least some will survive. To do that is: to procreate and to have as many offsprings as possible. This will improve the chances of having the genes pass on to the future generation. This is true to almost all species on earth. National Geographics did mentioned some unique situtation among some creatures but that slip my mind at the moment.

I am not trying to give an excuse but this is a fact. It is natural. Another term will be Darwin-ism or Evoulution.

Communication is the key. Miscommunication happen all the time. Learn how to correct them would probably be the key. Overcoming our pride and ego is another. When you are wrong you are wrong. Lawyers do not help.

Man are from Mars. Woman are from Vennus. But we are here on Earth. They concregate.


Work in scientific terms is the amount of energy taken to perform a task. The unit is Joules.

However in the present day and time, work can be define as solving some other people shit. Why? Because they do not want to do it themselve and pay other people to do it for them.

But as the like and dislike of people are not always alike, sometime there will be people who will and to take on the SHIT and still happy about it.

Shit goes round and round. Someone don't like to do the things they are doing and pay you to do it. You don't like the things you are doing and you will pay someone else to do it. So on and so forth. Until one of this day the shit that has been going round and round come back to you.


Definition of Sleep : The domain of the Z monster.

Just witness my niece and nephew trying to sleep together in the same room with me and my wife. The word insomia will come to mind. Kid being kids will treat this as another excuse to play. So when they play, they will get excited. Adrenaline rush how to Sleep?
"You touch me!!" say one.
"I did not!!!" came the reply.


Wild wild fight.

Me, I will keep reading or writing my blog till my eyes give way. And loose another battle to the Zz army.

Bugs. The real kind.

Day in day out we debate about if that is a bug or that is a design issue. This is a real bug. Posted by Picasa

My first 2006Photos

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2006 First Post

2006 Is just a number. But it signify a new hope that it will be a better tomorrow. At least for now. Its brother, 2005 just went away into the place call History where it will be remembered always.

Hi 2006. Good to have you here. Hope we can have a great time together. Hope that you who are reading can join me and my friend 2006 for a good time!