This is a complaint. No doubt about it.

Who carry pager now adays? It is sad folks like us who support mission critical systems. Mission critital to who? Users.

Today is not a day for user bashing. To day is the day I want to close the big RED umbrella. Yes, it the red umbrella bashing.

1620. Do you find that 4 digit familiar? I doubt that. 1627 or 1626 maybe. But 1620? 1620 is the support number to call to when you want someone to attend to your paging service. I have been having some problem with my support pager. So I google abit and found the number. I gave them a call. We perform a test page. I turn off and on the pager followed by 1620 staff performing a page. I failed to received the page.

He recommended to go down to Comcenter to have the equipment check out. Reaching Comcenter, the service staff said they are not technician and do not know how to perform equipment check.

WHAT!!! Mr Lee please take note, If you do not want to service people who owns and needs the service of the pager, tear down the whole department. The service provided by that department sucks!! And they sucks big time. I pity the lady who service me. B'cos I was damn fustrated with the direction they gave. Wasted 3 hours going down to Comcenter. Pager is history. 3G is in. Take it away if you want. Don't give poor service. The service lady at the Comcenter, also complain about 1620. I guess this is not the first time already.

Finally I took the pager down to davisComm for a equipment check. *Sighz* Mr Lee do you know what is happening to your company in Singapore? Have you set your sight too high and too far and forget what is happening at home?

My Hyundai Matrix

The sun, sand and my Hyundai Matrix.

It has been good to me. Take me from places to places and keep me and my family safe from harm. It is also like a mule, capable of carrying heavy load in various different sizes. Its interior is spacious and allow the rear sitting passenger to cross leg as an when they like. This is my Martix. Posted by Picasa

My Fish Tank

This is my fish tank. It is a 1 foot tank. But come to think of it. I got it since 2003 and since then I think I have spent close to a 1k on this baby already. The joy in having an aquarium is actually in see the plant bright and vibrant greenery. Seeing the plant grow and sprouts new shoots gave me a great pleasure. Then seeing the fishes swimming healthly, just top it off like the topings on ice-cream. Posted by Picasa

The Grain.

This is a leave. This is a green leave. This is a green leave taken in a macro mode. This is a green leave taken in a macro mode outside my flat. This is a green leave. I like green except in the regular period when I have to wear them. Posted by Picasa

A typical day breakdowned.

Looking at my daily schedule from work there is no time for exercise. Work starts normally at 9am in the morning. But you have to be out of house by 8am. I usually leave office at 7.30pm. (Reaching home seems to take a longer time then getting to work.) The normal time I reach home will be around 8:45pm give or take 15 mins. By then I will be famish. So have dinner. That will bring us to about 9:30pm. You cannot execise for the next 2 hour because that is about the time you need for digesting your dinner. (You do not need indigistion to be part of your problem. I have enough of the problems already. ) That will bring us to 11:30pm. If I start exercising for 45mins, then that will bring us to 12:15am. Wash up, prepare for sleep and check the blogs, that will be another 45mins. So a typical weekday will end at 1am. If I wake up at 7am daily, I am having 6 hours of sleep. 2 hours less then the recommended average.

If that happen. After 11:30pm, the body never really picked up the pace anymore. I would tend to my fish tank, sit down and read some blog.

All of which contribute to the RT regime which is impose on me.


One of the 5 normal human senses. Smell.

Sometime you can shut your eyes to escape see what you do not want to see. Other time you can cup your ears to what you don't like to hear. However try holding your breath for more than just a few seconds. You can't right. The average person cannot do that for more than a minute.

As long as you are breathing, a minute amount of air will bring the scent particle up your nostrile. Wah la ... you smell. The mouth and nose are linked.



Have you consciously realize that, smell evoke a strong emotion? Today, I fetch my wife to her office and the moment I step into the office, there was this strong antiseptic wash smell wafing up my nostrils. I almost thought I step back into my ex-office in NHG or when I was visiting Alexandra Hospital. It brought me back to somewhere where I had not been to for a very long time.

One of the best smell is that of home and the bak ku teh coming out from the kitchen.

I forgot I am breathing.

I realize that I have not been doing deep breathing for a very long time and I realize that it is a very relaxing activity. The fresh morning air was really good.

I also realize that I forgot I was breathing. The normal ones are too shallow and my life pace is too fast. I really forgot that I need to breathe. I guess that happen when it is automatic.

My Flat Today

It is still being build but only 2 more storey more to go. Posted by Picasa

Ubin Sights....

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Leaves are green,
It is true.
When we're born,
We look like that too.
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Morning Nap

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Golden Coconut

The non edible coconut.
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I think this is a nice picture. The contrast is good and bring out the smile. Any comments? Posted by Picasa

Glowing Leaves

A glowing leave!
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Ubin Entrance and Exit

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Lonely Sampan

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Wood grain

Hey what is that spider doing here? Posted by Picasa

Hanging There

This little critter is really hanging. I like his style. Posted by Picasa

Road Side Flowers

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