Concreate Jungle

In the concreate jungle we live.
Towering high.
In the track we race.
Endless loop. Posted by Picasa
Coincidentally, the O from the light and the O in the Lobby match. Posted by Picasa

Lights Holder

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The Main Axis

The big divde. The axis that help define the boundry of Punggol and Sengkang. Posted by Picasa

Bus Rides.

I still recall a time when I had motion sickness when taking a bus to my grandmother's place. That was in the 1980s. When I was around around 4- 10 years old. My father would drag the whole family to take a long bus ride on Bus No 111 from our place in Bouna Vista all the way to Hougang. The bus will pass by Queenstown, Orchard Road, Little India, Bendermeer, Potong Pasir, Upper Serangoon road and finally reach Hougang.

The worst part was Upper Serangoon road. If I had not vomitted by then, as soon as I pass by the stretch of stop there I would. The smell of freshly slaughter pig in the 11am sun was too much for me to take. (This is the current place where Kovan Shopping Center is located.)

Little India was almost as bad as Upper Serangoon Road. The traffic was heavy and the interior of the bus was hot and humid. (There was no air-con bus then. And most of the time it is a single deck bus) Little India was filled with the spices of the Indian's and the incenses smell does not make it any better. In fact it made it worst. The mixture of sweat and spice somehow affected my inner ear and cause me to feel nauseous. I survive it somehow.

This was one of the main reason why I dislike travelling to Hougang. But anyway an 1 hour rest at my grandparent place return me back to full power. I never forget my bus rides. Posted by Picasa

Wall Texture

Let me explain what this is. This is a wall. What capture my attention was its texture. The roughness and the linear-lity (if there is such a word) Posted by Picasa


There are people who wants to have goals in life so that they know where they are going. They will go through anything to get there. I don't think I am that sort of person.

Someone said that the interesting part is not reaching the destination by the journey to reach there. So what if you have reach your destination? So what if you have reach your goal? What is next? Another goal? Another Destination?

What is that phrase? End does not justify the means. Do what must be done and perform it with honesty, sincerity and goodwill to others. You will be remembered.

The 3 things in life that one can be certain of are Birth, Death and Change.

Birth: Already done that about 29++ years ago.
Change: Doing it currently. I think i should introduce a personal change request log.
Death: Getting there. Assuming I live to be 90 years old. I am 1/3 there already. But I don't think I want to live that long unless I can still run and fly, think and talk. Of cos have sex.

What are your goals?

Dragon Zhu.

Sculpture or Wind vane

I was wondering what this thing is trying to do... but it sure caputre my attention. Posted by Picasa

Back to Car

End of the weekly garden walk. Posted by Picasa

The big Gun

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Me and My Wife

Dun we look alike? Seems that the longer we are together the more alike we become. Just before this shot was taken, I had the a great laugh. My wife was holding the camera and was going to take the shot. So she press the button. The button press was the ON/OFF button. So instead we witness the lens retract back in the body. So that is why we smile so nicely in this shot. Posted by Picasa

Resturant in Labrador

This resturant at the top of Labrador. Business looks bleak. Posted by Picasa

The reward at the top.

The reward after climbing up all the way to the top is this spectcular view of the sea. It is shades and airy. Good place to bring your better 1/2 . Posted by Picasa

Beach to the Trees

From the beach to the trees you need to climb the stairs. It really grant a spectacular view. Some of the things that you see while climbing up is trees, glimpse of the sea and every now an then spiders and their web. Posted by Picasa

Labrador Beach

Surprizingly even thou the park is so near to the Tanjong Pagar Container port and the Pasir Panjang wharves, the water so relativly clean. In fact it appear cleaner than the water at East Coast Park. Posted by Picasa

Arriving at Labrador

The weather was good. Sunny with a little bit of cloud cover. As I was walking in, the Star Virgo was just leaving the harbour. Heading to nowhere. It will head back into Singapore a few days from today. Posted by Picasa

On the outside

This a row of 4 shops selling very nice food. I bought some Goreng Pisang and a bottle of water. Oh boy was the pisang good. Good does not even do it justice. Stop by here for a snack before taking a long hike into Labrador Park Posted by Picasa

Labrador Park

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My New Wallpaper

What I like about this picture was the sharp contrasting colours of the sky, the leaves, the branches and the cloud. It has a feeling of freedom. It brings out the dreamer in you. Looking at the sky. Posted by Picasa

Reminder of the NZ.

Quinnie says it reminded her of New Zealands. I agree. I like it there. Posted by Picasa


Spiders. Did I mentioned that I do not like them. I recall a time when I would fire a blank round from a M16 at one of such things and have them blown to pieces. Or throwing a thunderflash at the web and see it stuck there only to have the whole web blown to pieces in another few seconds. Or when we go on a navigation exercise and one of the palm size ones will appear in front of your face. Posted by Picasa


Some of the things which you will see commonly in the wild or natural side of singapore is a trail of termites. Posted by Picasa

Lantern Waste

I never realize it when I took the picture. But this shot really reminds me of the Lantern Waste which the 4 children first saw when they landed in Narnia. A lampost growing out from the ground in the middle of the forrest. Posted by Picasa

Equation of Working Life

I have a few equation here that kinda of describe the chaotic state of feeling Which I will name as the Equation of Working Life

Work = Earn money
Earn money = Living (Cos every thing need money)
Goal in life = Meaning of living
Living = eat + sleep + play + learn new

Bored means Work > Learning + play
Management wants Everything easy
More time = More Effort = More resource
Work = Time + Man + problem + solution
More time with work = Less time with Family
Energy to give = finite
Time to give = finite
Problem to solve = infinite
Users = Stupid. (They just act importand and put money into our pocket)

to be continue............ (Please feel free to help me compile)

I Just Like it.

My Nephew Bear and a Body Shop "star" box. Posted by Picasa

2006 Family Photo

It is a tradition that every Chinese New Year we will take a family photo. This year is no exception. Looking back at all the photos, I can see how I have grown. Taller and otherwise.....
Enough of that. Wishing my readers a happy Lunar New Year. *BARK* Posted by Picasa