The big yellow and blue funiture mall

This is day 1. Opening day for this big yellow and blue funiture mall. The big yellow sign point to the way we should enter. However, due to it being day 1 and crowd control measure being taken, it does not actually point to the place you enter.
What I did was to take the cargo lift to bypass the crowd queueing up to get into the mall.
Look at that queue! There are people more infront of them.
This is not a mall!! It is a wharehouse with airconditioning builtin. Furniture Furniture everywhere. All of them flat packed. Ready to roll from the shelf to your car, to your house. The size is huge. It took me more than 2hrs just to leisurely walk from the start to the end. This is without taking a look at all the stuff. Anyway it is just like the other branch. The only difference is the size and the spaciousness of the display. Posted by Picasa

A case of "Huh?"

Caught this by chance. The expression on this kid face tells me that he is very interested. However he does not understand a heck bit of what his older sibling is trying to tell him.

"You lead. I will follow" Posted by Picasa


For 2 days in a row, I jogged.
Day 1:
I jogged continuously for 15min and 47 sec.
Did 2 sets of 4 chin ups, dips and some crunches.

Day 2:
I jogged continuously for 20min and 31 sec.
Did 0 chin up as my muscle are totally aching. Did 3 sets of 10 backpress and 3 sets of crunches.

Bear, watch out. I am going to be fit again.

Trends when having a break

Now that I have way too much time to use, it is perhaps time to buck up on the use of grammar by writing. They say practice makes perfect.

The whole point of this blog is to document the fact which I noticed. Everytime when I am having a long break, I will fall sick first.

I had a bad flu on Friday. It was so bad that my muscle spasm. I feel the chest muscle and shoulder muscle tense up. Almost to the point of having cramps. Saturday feel the same. Not too many sneeze, but cough also conjured up the same muscle spasm. In addition to that, the flesh beside the spinal cord ache. It is like I did some hundreds of trunk bending exercise. Sunday feels much better. Muscle ache is still there. Sore throat subside a bit. Nose is blocked. But overall much better.

Well .... time to get things in action. Let me have a fresh start.

I am reinstalling my PC/Laptop.

Chapter 30: Frontline - End

Another chapter of my life ended on the 24th Nov 2006. A short stint in or at the frontline*. I cannot say that it was a bad experience but neither is it a good one. There are also plenty of experiences in between the good and the bad.

Let start with the bad ones. I realize that argument is a argument is a argument. There is no good think about an argument. It leave me drain an unmotivated to work. Why is it an argument? It is because, the parties involve do not see eye to eye. My explanation does not answer the others question, neither did is reply address my concern. This is also the workplace where someone sitting close to me has to send an email to tell me what is going on. I hate this kind of environment. I also don't like it when you share ones opinion, the answer you get is "From the way I look at it........" (It stay that way. I still see it my way) . Lastly, for a company that claims to be a technological company, ie dealing with IT, you have to explain to the managers what are servers. Servers are servers and are valid in both the physical and software context. Weblogic Application Server is a software server. A cuboid metal box with wires sticking out of it, running HPUX, with 2 RISC CPU and a few hard disk is a hardware server. (There is now a new definition that is becoming more and more valid and that is a VM. A WM serving information from within another computer is also known as a server. The server within a server.)

The good things are always the hardest to part. It just happen to be the most intangible part of the whole experience. You gain friends and you share ideas. Lotiki -, bears the fruit of a small discussion starting from how to strike it rich. We talk about statistics and probability. Slowly we mind the official website for information. Stripping 20 years of 4D results and putting it into our own database. Surprisingly, we found that there are still numbers yet to be open on the 4D lottery. Sharing of experiences, some bring in view point of another part of the globe. How you think is influence by how where brought up.

Along the way in the middle of all these good and bad:
- I restarted my class 2B license lessons. (For those non local reading, in my country you need to have a license to ride a motorcycle. That license to ride is known as the class 2b license. It only allow you to ride motorcycle between the 0-200 cc range.)
- I learn a little about data center operations.
- Server relocation is a simple, but tough job. The dependencies are plenty and most are hidden within the complex, deceiving configuration files.
- I think someone deserved to be spank. If you say the thing is easy to do, then you do not need me to do a sizing of the work for you.
-IBM notebook are really good. I was issued a notebook with a warranty sticker shown to expire in 2000, it has a WIN98 compatible sticker. It is still running and its performance is rather decent if I do not open to many things at the same time. The thing is that it still works after what 7-8 years at least. The 12.1 inch form factor also make a the lightest laptop I ever had. Correction, it is a desktop replacement. The battery is dead. No plug in, No playing.
-My boss is really overloaded. Handling so many project at the same time and still don't display much signs of being burn. I am actually quite impress. But then signs being burn are creeping in.
-There are Naruto fans here too!
-The mince meat noodle at the coffeeshop near to the NTUC is great!
-I am getting better at playing pool. I won the last game against my colleague in the last game, 2-1.
-A colleague keep saying that I'm just too nice.
-Taking taxi some times can be a hassle. Some taxi drivers are full of complaints and while some has great philosophy of how life should be. But in summary, all of them disagree with the government on how they should handle the taxi company.
- I don't like to work late. I want my life, even if it is plain and boring.
- Things get done not because of an email, but because of a nice "please" and "Coffee on me".
- I get to work on my birthday. Which I normally try to take the day off.
- There are quite a number of female staff with very nice curves in the frontline.
- Drinking milk give you power. The term is milk power.
- There are backline in the frontline.

Well now I am in search of new ideas, a future, healthier and better life. I wish whoever is coming in good luck.

* not referencing the war. Frontline is a local Company doing IT.

Slow. Turning Ahead.

In a matter of hours, I would be free. Free from the mundane tasks impose by the need to survive in the mordern society.

I see myself making a big change ahead. Time to slow down and prepare myself for the turn. Posted by Picasa

This is our beach.

This a first world country's beach. Somehow, the education of the citizen is still not up to standard yet. I guess all the elite's hands cannot be dirtied and will not soil their hand to pick up the trash that was generated by them.

But then as a responsible earthling, we must all do our part to keep the environment clean. Less plastic, more plants. Less waste, more money.

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Photo Shoot.

Had a great time over the weekend. The five of us meet up for breakfast at TiongBahru newly renovated market place. After a bowl or Lor Mee, we move on to Telok Blangah Hill Park.

So like we move around the hill 6 times like this, 2 camera men and 2 cameras. The total photo equipments on my car at that time was probably in the range of 10K ++.

Suprizingly, all of us had a car of different make and model. We had a Honda Civic, Renault Megane, Hyundai Matrix, Toyota Altis and Mitsubishi Lancer.

From Car Photo Shoot
From Car Photo Shoot

From Car Photo Shoot


Dark clouds was in the horizon as I was traveling on the TPE towards Woodlands. I can see the not just the dark clouds but the rain that was falling from heavens. It was like fuzzy dotted line being drawn from the clouds to the earth below. It was visible.

That was even before the first drop of rain hit my vehicle. The raindrop was big and heavy and the sound on it made on the roof of Matrix almost drown the radio blasting away. It was one of the heaviest rain I ever encounter.

Budget Terminal

This is the departure hall of Singapore Budget terminal. Big and open, like a big warehouse. Hey wait a minute, it was a big warehouse. This is also a case where budget was terminally small. Posted by Picasa

2 Person 3 Glasses.

2 person sitting down with 3 glasses.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

The new terminal 2. Recently renovated in conjunction to the hosting of the IMF talk in Singapore. Another effort to that failed to impress.

It does not mean that it is not good looking or energy efficient, but the reason for the renovation is totally wrong.

Furthermore, the T2 viewing gallery is now no longer there. Back in 14 years ago the viewing gallery was right at the glass. It was the closest we can get without actually being a paying flying customer. Now that space is reclaim by the transit lounge. Posted by Picasa

I want this for my Birthday Present

I always wanted a Remote control plane. This baby really looks good. Power and speed. I wonder about the endurance?

Air, Land and Sea. Wooww!

I want one for christmas. I just cannot wait till my next birthday.


Sandals and slippers. Comfort and convience.

Slip on and slip off. Wear and go. With the sturdy, durable and hard rubber sole, this pair of Outlander Slipper is really great. Posted by Picasa

Giving up seats.

Call me a bias but I noticed that males give up their seats in public transport for pregnant lady more often than females?

Whereas on the other hand more ladies give up their seats to those who had small children or babies?