Setting your Targets

Every now and then your bosses will pester you with target settings. The normal questions asked are, what do you see yourself doing 1 year from now? What do you intend to achieve? The standard managerial questions.

Me, I never know what to say. In IT the things changes so fast. So does my goals. But something never change, I want to be happy.

Well another kind of target settings, which are hard but in the physical sort of way. Here we are setting the targets in the GPMG range. 3G army still uses the old method to set the targets, hammer, target board, sweat and muscle ache. Posted by Picasa


These are space shuttle in disguise. Actually the country has establish contact with extra terrestial and they has established a space port here. Posted by Picasa

The measure of a man

Can the human ever be measured? How many atoms made you? How many molecule made you? What is a true measure of a man? Who are the good man and why are they good? Who are the bad man and why are they bad?

Why can some one say "Get out of elite face!". Some 18 year old by the name of Wee Shu Min. You have not step into the world yet. Arrogance will get you fed the humble pie.

Whatever happen to modesty, humility, loyalty, respect, filial piety? From the looks of things around me, it is overtaken by consumerism, arrogance, "me first" and "not my problem" attitude.

Cat Nap

When you say catnap, it means a light sleep. But this tops it all. The cat also need to air its ball. Posted by Picasa

A House Tree.

This tree house embodied almost 80% of what I had in mind as a viable alternative to an apartment. It uses renewable energy sources and is symbiotic with the living organism around the habitat.

Apart from that fact that it is still on the ground, I think it fulfill my idea of a tree house.


This is a table base of population density. The data is obtained from

Country Population Area(km2) Pop density
Monaco 33245 2 6.01594E-05
Singapore 3601745 683 0.00018963
Gibraltar 26404 7 0.000265111
Malta 385308 315 0.000817528
Bermuda 64211 53 0.000825404
Bahrain 723039 694 0.000959838
Maldives 298841 298 0.000997186
Bangladesh 136138461 142615 0.001047573
Jersey 89111.00 116 0.001301747
Guernsey 63683.00 91 0.001428953
& Alderney

This is a table based on the population of the countries.
Country Population Area(km2) Pop density
China 1314269630 9806391 0.007461476
India 1112225812 3166944 0.002847393
United States 299093237 9629047 0.032194131
of America
Indonesia 221900701 1904443 0.008582411
Brazil 184284898 8544418 0.046365264
Pakistan 163985373 880254 0.005367881
Nigeria 159404137 923768 0.005795132
Russia 143682757 16894741 0.117583636
Bangladesh 136138461 142615 0.001047573
Japan 128389000 377812 0.002942713

This is a table based on the area of the country.
Country Population Area(km2) Pop density
Russia 143682757 16894741 0.117583636
Antarctica 1440 14000000 9722.222222
Canada 32251238 9976137 0.309325707
China 1314269630 9806391 0.007461476
United States 299093237 9629047 0.032194131
of America
Brazil 184284898 8544418 0.046365264
Australia 20750052 7682557 0.370242783
India 1112225812 3166944 0.002847393
Argentina 37912201 2777409 0.073258975
Kazakhstan 14711068 2715900 0.1846161

Vegetation is getting to be a commodity

This comic strip comically point to a fact that a large number of cities in the world does not have much of a greenery.

Economy and the population.

I asked a question in the internet and hope that the community can answer it. It did.

This is my Question:

Is the economy dependent on the population of the country? Why is it so?

When I look at the way banks, investments and especially insurances, I can't help but think that the economy is dependent on the population. The more that was contribute means those early bird can reap the "cream". To achieve the same result at a later stage in time, the effort is more. ie, When it your time to reap the pie much more have to be contributed to get the same amount of "cream". Eg: When your policy mature, the investment have to be so much more. Why?

This the answer that I got.

I'm not sure i quite understand the last part of your question but i'll deal with the 'is the economy dependent on the population of the country' Simply speaking yes its is, very much so. In the manner that labour is a key factor of production and without it there would be no economy.
But a better answer than that deals with population increase and decrease because thats what your really talking about. If you look back at history and the industrialisation of europe, japan and the USA in fact all the largest economies in the world, their economic growth was accompanied by population increases, this was due to a variety of reasons such as better standard of living and quality of life means lower infant mortality, increased life expectancy etc, but the increased population also helped to fuel the growth as it filled the gaps in labour markets for jobs in factores etc.. As to whether this is relevant today to pick up from an earlier answer look at China and India, both experiancing huge economic growth ( Goldman Sachs predicts China and India to be the worlds two largest economies by 2050,)
Similarly much economic depression accompanies population decrease, Germany and much of mainland western europe have almost zero growth in both sectors.
Economic Growth definitely does lead to population increases but these increases usually continue to power the growth because of more labour available, improved dependancy ratios( ratio of working people to non working people) that said if the growth is not accompanied by increased productivity there may not be enough jobs for the new population and unemployment can increase causing the dependancy ratio to go the other way, ( plus if its birth led increase the babies will teporarily not be able to work!)
Lastly for those who said it doesnt matter 'look at america' they should look at America and examine the population of america in 1850 and then again in 1950 and then say its not important!

Then Another guy post this view. Although it did not answer my question directly, it point out the sentiments that a normal folks have. Still having.

We did just as well, if not better when we were still 13 colonies. Economy depends mostly on how much government interference there is. The more government, the less money we have for it.
Anything that the government pokes it's nose into is probably bad. We pay for it anyway through taxes! Let the economy run the country, they should be here just for our safety, not our happyness... or their happyness.


To different people the word root can mean different things. Like to my Sys Administrator friends, it is a the most powerful account on their system and they will protect the account at all cost.

Root to the plant means, life. The essence of life enter the plant body primary through the root. The orchid root is expose and not in the soil. It is able to extract water from the atmosphere. Posted by Picasa

From the top

From the top the head looks clear, while the rest of the body are in a blur.

In this case, it is literally the case. But it is also a metaphor. What do you think it is? Posted by Picasa


The haze. The unhealthy fog generated by the burning of trees. Although the act of burning is not done in our country, it has affected us greatly.

But I wonder, would we have done the same if Singapore/Singaporean is in their shoe? Proabably yes, we will burn it and announce to the world that it is for their own good.

The peak PSI reading was 150 on the 7th of Oct at around 8pm. So far Posted by Picasa

Being Honest.

Being honest, is not the easiest thing to do on the face of this earth. Being honest will reveal the ugly side of who you are and what you have become.

So to be honest, I think i am not going to go anywhere here. I am not doing a good job here? Probably I could, but I did not. Sometime in the month of Aug 06, I broke. It was a mental breakdown of sorts. No I did not lose my mind, but I lost my motivation. I lost my spirit. Being passionate about my work, about the technology that I am so keen in did not help.

Yes, I do not know the client style. I don't understand what they want. Why did they design it that way? Why did i do it this way? Why do we disagree on so many front? Why? Why? Why? When I start asking myself this, "Why do I even bother?", I know the end has come. I cannot in my clear conscience stay on. Cos I cannot contribute positively anymore. It is sapping away my passion. Slowly but surely.

Ideas attract ideas. It attract innovations too. It is fortunate, that I am able to meet up with people who are willing to share their ideas. An open discussion of ideas and not a presentation of ones skewed perception of events generated more ideas. If one cannot accept another person view then there is no point in the discussion. You talk and I listen. I gain your perception of things. Like Joan of ark. The messenger get skewered for the things she has to say.

Yes. I just wish I can drop and go. If not for the money, why would i continue to run on an empty heart. I know i cannot make progression here anymore. So I am going. Seven more weeks to go.
Such a long time. Countdown! Yeah!!

Lottery Intelligence

Lottery intelligence is inked. However the website is still on its way up. Watch out for it.

My World

My world. My family. These are the people that are my immediate family. Sadly not all of them are around here and now. Without this diagram, how can my world be completed in 8?

My dad came from a big family. With 9 other sibblings, he is right in the middle, 5. 3 older brother and 1 older sister. My mom, she is the eldest.

The diagrams does not include my cousins. Some of them are much older than I am and some much much younger. Friends come under another chart. Still in the making.


Someone said I had too much time. Perhaps someone is right. How should time be spent then?
  • Write a novel like JK Rowling?
  • Train to be Arnold number 2?
  • Mine your office mail box and answer email?
  • Find out what to do with your life?
  • Write a program to save the earth?
  • Figure out which government official is not corrupt?
  • How to better the human race?
  • Catching up with sleep?
  • Write something in your blog so that some one with as much free time will read?
Give some suggestion, share some interest. Leave me an idea.

My Flat again

Recently there are about this many things that made me feel good about life. The progress of my flat is one of them. The exterior painting is in progress and it has a decent colors which suits my taste. I can also see wiring dangling from some of the units, ie they are wiring up the flat.

Well at this rate, I am expecting that we should be able to visit it pretty soon. Posted by Picasa