Can human survive without food?

I recall the show on Discovery Channel, it shows that this guy in India had not touch food or water for the last few decades. Well at a very least in a controlled environment, he had done that for 10 days under surveillance.

Can it be done? I am no biologist to say so. But probably at an atomic level, it can be done. Atoms gain energy by absorbing electrons. Molecule are form by the combination of atoms. We are in constant contact with atoms and molecule. Perhaps he has a way of absorbing them through the skin? So he does not need food or water, where the molecule of foreign body are ingested and assimilated as our own.

The Kingdom of Heaven is by Communism

Over the weekend, me and wife were chatting and somehow this topic came up. Government and the style of ruling. So I told her that, both of which are humans. Humans are so susceptible to corruption when given power. "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Given the fact that government, be it communism or democracy all want to better society. But humans are in the way.

Somehow the topic mutated. So God make the rule in Heaven. There is no money in Heaven and eveyone is equal. Everyone does his/her part for the betterment of the Heaven society. Everything is provided for and you do as you are told. Hmmm sounds like communism too me.

Argue with his commandments will you? But the difference is that, he does what he does for the good of his people. Always for the good of his people.

Human leader with that quality is almost impossible to come by.

4D frequency Map.

This png image is a graphical view of the 4D numbers strike frequency. It is a 100x 100 dot with 0000 at the top left hand corner and 9999 at the buttom right hand corner.The darker the dots the higher the frequency and the higher the prize calculated from the past 20 years worth of data.

The one below purely shows the frequency.

Have you seen any patterns ? Please share it, if you do. Picture brought to you by the Scripting Guy.

4D numbers

Ok, Ah choo here had some time and inspired by some one in the office who also had alot of time. Just like to share with my fellow friends this information.

There are 31 4D number which has never been drawn since 1986.
The numbers are:
  1. 0350
  2. 0655
  3. 0737
  4. 1021
  5. 1711
  6. 1795
  7. 1997
  8. 2042
  9. 2240
  10. 2262
  11. 2471
  12. 2982
  13. 3976
  14. 4134
  15. 2346
  16. 2399
  17. 2238
  18. 5368
  19. 5659
  20. 5969
  21. 6212
  22. 6512
  23. 7108
  24. 7124
  25. 7597
  26. 7901
  27. 7995
  28. 8688
  29. 9429
  30. 9624
  31. 9645
These data are accurate up to 16th Sept 06.

Hmm so given that these numbers had never been "opened" before, will they come out soon? It is after all 20 years already since the data are collected.

Anyway for those of you who are interested, the program is in Java. Email me to get the source.
If you are interested that is.

Things to do if I have time.

Deframentation and Empting of Recycle Bin is being schedule.

It is not harddisk, but my schedule. Trash activities are being put of the recyle bin and clear from memory. Then re-organization will take place.

Something which I have in plans for:
  • Enjoy my Australia Holiday.
  • Cycle Round island with my camera and laptop in tow.
  • Learn to roller Blade.
  • Help a relative of mine re-org their website so as to push up sale.
  • Tree-top walk.

Imagine a Workplace

Click on the link to view the original poem.

Imagine a Workplace
By Joyce Orecchia

Imagine a workplace,
Where open hearts and compassion thrive,
Where passion is cultivated and innovation soars,
Where everyone is your ally and competition is obsolete,
Where leaders empower, inspire, and motivate you to grow,
Where serving and supporting employees is a management priority,
Where gratitude and recognition abound,
Where work-life balance is a reality,
Where meditation is a productivity tool,
Where Diversity is all-inclusive,
Where integrity flourishes,
Where community service is a company value,
Where Earth conservation is practiced,
Where Work & Spirit are United.
I imagine such a workplace!

My take on the above? I think to me the keyword is the imagine in the last line of the poem. Capitalist world that we live in will never allow the such a situation to arise. Unecessary pressure is given when money is not enough.

Did you know?

Here is some interesting findings on the Number Crunching exercise:
There are 31 sets of numbers which did not get any prize since 1986.


4Digit Number Crunching

Ok. I admit it is a little bit pointless, but i have successfully done it anyway. I have successgfully scrape of the 4D data from the source. The data range from 1986.

Haaaa. Now to format it and do some number crunching and hopfully gain something out of it.

My first Blood Donation

NUH organized a blood donation drive at where I work today.

I walked into the "recreation room" a.k.a the "Blood donation venue". The door was wide open with a few "early bird" already giving blood.

On the right side of the room was a small desk where I took the "form". Kinda of like those where you sign out for the insurance agent. It package was a questionair. It asked plenty of stuff. Basically, if you had sex and have sex with who. Male or female. Come to think of it, 1 of the question was pretty biased against the gays. There wasn't one that question on lesbians.

Write write write. Wait wait wait. Finally the doctor saw me. He took my blood pressure and had a chit chat with me. He was a retired army doctor. "Working through lunch until 3pm is nothing as compared to working in the army", he said. He must be referring to the long, endless queue of recruit waiting to see the MO (Medical Officer). Ho Ho, over the borderline high blood pressure.

Passed. With a small hitch. I forgot to mention the taking of malaria pills of the PS course last year. Goodness, those pills have an impact of up to 6 months from what I overheard. If you had consume those pills within 6 months, you will have been barred from donating blood.

Ok. On the chair. I wanted to use my left arm. But as always the master hand had to be bigger. Even the vein looks bigger to the nurse. It is going to affect my squash tomorrow. Contrary to what everyone would have believe the needle poking in is almost painless. Thanks to its super sharp edge. (It gives me the creep if those things is poked into the wrong places) For the next 10 minutes, I watch my precious life give fluid flow out from my body. Until the pack was full. That will me 450ml. Or so I was told.

I feel great once the needle was out of my body......not. I felt normal for the first 5 minutes. However, the things starts to look a little brighter and brighter. I almost experience a white out. The retina does not have enough blood to control the pupils. The nurse rushed to my side elevating my legs and levelling my body. So the the blood can flow back to the brains.

5 mike later. I am fit to go. Getting hungry by the minute. Things to note next time. Have meals first.

The morning Post.

Another misty morning. No raining. Another Thursday. My Turn tonight. Brain is still booting up.

Colors of the world

The colors are brightess when at night. Posted by Picasa

It is a Blur.

When you move up, in this case in a lift. The outside world through the camera's eyes is a blur.  Posted by Picasa

Bright Idea?

Sometimes a bright idea is just another over-expose piece of infomation. Just like a business proposal. You put too much bombastic words inside and many hip and popular key words that the clueless manager will think that "Hey I am really Impress."At the end of the line, it is just a colorful pieces of paper with lots of chart. If an idea is like the object in this picture, it is only over exposed.
The difference between a manager and an engineer, is that an engineer sells what he built and the manager get people to build what he sold. He is only as good as the people around him. ie a chain is as good as the weakest link. Posted by Picasa

Mental Block

I guess most blogger will have a mental block every now and then. Most people do anyway. I think a mental block will look like this. A brown wall. Can be a black one too. But to me it is a brownish yellow. Even using the army clearing of low wall technique also cannot remove. It needs TNT. Tons of it. At times it can be as easily remove by another thoughs. I realize that sleeps help. Having fun do too. Of course you the reader help too by leaving a comment, an idea. Posted by Picasa


Mind is made up. What a relieve. I guess I am not an easy person to understand. Thanks Goodness, I have a wife who do.

3 Point Line.

Like a basketballer standing at the 3 point line, I am prepared to make the throw. As soon as the judge whistle.

When is your time up?

#1: You know you aren't performing to the best of your ability

We all go through slumps, bad days, even bad weeks when we just don't care, don't give it our best... but what if that week turns into months? If you just don't have what it takes to give it your best, something needs to change. This is a common sign of burnout or of being overworked, underworked, underchallenged, or out of your depth.

If lack of motivation is the only issue, it may be possible to effect change within your current company by requesting different responsibilities, more training, or another position. But if none of these options is available, it's time to update your resume.

#2: You start gravitating toward coworkers you can be disgruntled with

Think about the people with whom you choose to socialize at work. Whose company do you seek out? Are you drawn toward the malcontents, the people who derive pleasure from complaining about their boss, the declining benefits, and the unreasonable overtime? When people ask you what you like about your job, is it rather like when Uncle Bob asked, "What's your favorite subject at school?" and all you could think of was recess?

#3: You can't picture your future with your current employer

Do you remember those irritating questions the last time you were interviewed: "Where do you see yourself in three years? Five years? Ten?" Perhaps it's time to ask yourself those questions again. But this time ask, "Do I see myself HERE in three years? Five years? Ten?" If the answer to any of these questions is "no," what is your plan? Where do you want to go? When were you planning to make your move?

As much as we'd all like to simply wake up one day to find ourselves in the perfect job, the chance of it happening is probably slightly slimmer than a one-eyed, polka-dotted aardvark materializing in your trash compactor. If you know that you want to be working someplace else at some point in the future, it's never too soon to make a plan.

#4: You take inventory of your job's pros and cons... and the cons win

If you're having a hard time deciding whether to change jobs, try this simple exercise. Create a document with two lists--things you like about your current job, the pros, and things you dislike, the cons. Next, apply a weighting to the items. This can be as simple as a value from 1 to 10 to rate the importance of each factor. For example, if the stringent dress code is on your list of cons but it isn't that important to you, give it a 1 or 2. But if the excellent health insurance is a pro, it would probably warrant at least a 7 or an 8.

Next, add up each list. If the cons outweigh the pros, it's probably worth at least considering a change. If nothing else, this exercise will force you to focus on what you specifically do and do not like about your current position and give you a more concrete idea of what to look for in a new position.

#5: You look for ways to improve your current situation but you can't turn it into what you really want

Another useful exercise is to take your list of pros from the previous exercise and expand upon it. Elaborate on the items already on the list and add other items you wish you could claim about your current position. When you're finished, review the list for items you may be able to make happen at your current company. If you want more responsibility or more flexible hours, you might be able to work that out, whereas if you work for a missile manufacturer and happen to have developed pacifist beliefs since accepting the position, your only reasonable option is to seek a position in a different company. In other words, before jumping ship under the assumption that a new position will make all your problems vanish in an instant, make the effort to effect improvements in your current position. If trying to make changes proves futile, you'll be more confident that seeking a new position is the right thing to do.

#6: Your skills are lagging and your position offers no opportunities to update them

How is your skill set? Are you able to keep your skills up to date? What would happen if your company went under today and you were forced onto the job market? Would you struggle to find a better or even an equivalent position because your skills are out of date? If this is the case, is there anything you can do to rectify the situation in your current position? Are there training opportunities you haven't been taking advantage of?

If it's not possible to stay employable in your current position, it's definitely time to make a change, even if you enjoy the job and your company seems stable. You may be able to supplement your company's deficit by paying for your own training, but without the opportunity to use your new skills in a work environment, such training will be of little value. To determine the current marketability of your present skill set, try searching for jobs equivalent to yours. Do you meet the minimum requirements?

#7: You can't get enough positive reinforcement to keep your spirits up

Do you feel valued? Feeling valued in your job is one of those almost indefinable benefits or forms of compensation that can't be measured by any objective means. The degree to which someone needs to feel valued to be happy in a job varies greatly from person to person. Some people are perfectly content never to receive a word of praise or public acknowledgment of their achievements. For others, this type of recognition is more important than a generous salary.

The first step toward obtaining an appropriate position in this respect is to become aware of your own needs. The next step is to develop some techniques for determining whether these needs will be met when considering a new position, perhaps by asking appropriate questions during interviews or by finding current employees willing to talk. If you're already in a job that you otherwise like, figure out what you need in order to feel valued and find ways to communicate these needs to the appropriate person.

If the only time your boss talks to you is to tell you that you need to do better or improve your attitude, try explaining that it would also be helpful to know when you are doing something right. Try being proactive and ask your peers, your users, or your superiors to let you know if there's more you can do to help them. This could have the pleasant side effect of eliciting some positive feedback when they tell you that they're perfectly satisfied with your current level of service. If you still can't get the validation you need, it could be time to seek it elsewhere.

#8: Your salary just isn't enough

Are you paid what you're worth? Although receiving inadequate financial compensation for your efforts is rarely the sole or even the most important reason that people change jobs, it's a significant factor. For most people, being paid what they're worth--at or above the going market rate for their job function--is an essential aspect of feeling valued. Don't know what you are worth? Try looking at comparable positions on job hunting Web sites, review compensation surveys, or update your resume and submit it to a headhunter to solicit feedback.

Being paid inadequately can be particularly galling if you happen to find out that one of your less experienced and/or less qualified co-workers is being paid more. Early in my career, I was given the task of training a new employee, an assignment I took on quite willingly until I learned that despite her lack of experience, her salary was almost exactly double mine. Although I continued to train her, my enthusiasm definitely waned. My request for a mere 5 percent pay increase was denied, so I took the only reasonable course of action and secured a position with a different company. In this case, salary was not the only factor, but it was the one that finally persuaded me to make a change.

#9: You want to live somewhere else

Have a great job but hate the location? Even if you have the perfect job, unless your career is the single most important aspect of your life, disliking the area in which you live or having a burning desire to live someplace else is an important factor in deciding to change jobs. Since accepting my first IT job, the need to relocate has been a significant force in my decision to change companies three out of four times. In fact, of those three, I relocated twice without even having a job to go to.

#10: Your company or work situation has changed radically since you were hired

Your job used to be perfect, but now it has changed. Maybe your company was bought out or your boss retired or got reassigned. Or perhaps your company had a significant shift in operating philosophy or in its mission, and now you're no longer working in the same environment into which you were originally hired. If such changes occur, you basically have three choices: Go with the flow and make the most of the situation, quit, or stay and complain. These types of changes can be so far-reaching in their impact upon your daily life that the result is not dissimilar to being forced to change jobs and companies. You may be going to the same physical location each day, but every other aspect of your job has been transformed. Even if you're not unhappy with the changes, this is a good opportunity to reexamine where you are in your life and make sure you take full advantage of the new circumstances.

Wild? Wet is a definite.

Vistied the Wild wild Wet in Pasir Ris last sat. This is the 3rd time i been there. The attraction has not been upgraded and the ride are the same. Thanks goodness the price has drop. haaa

People who visited there are mostly non Singaporean. Or at least those that caught my attension were not Singapore. (To the best of my knowledge). Another trend that i notice is the popularity of the 2 piece swim suit. Almost 80% wear the 2 piece swim wear.

But, if you are a parent and you want to bring your kid there, pls consider if the kid is taller than the 1.2m requirement for most of the rides.

PS: Thanks goodness, no sunburn!