Passion the feeling akin to love or intense feeling. Can we use them in work? Is it applicable to working in Singapore?

Passion for you work. As passion is not measureable it is Not applicable. So let it rest and work on the other measurable attributes.

Heard today.

I took a cab home tonight with a friend. I heard from this taxi driver who heard it from this DBS employee, that there are 3 account in DBS without any name. These 3 account have only credit transaction, ie only deposit. And every time the amount deposited is the range of 1oos of thousands.

Anyway, these info is heard. I have no way to verify the information. So whoever read this do take it with a pinch of salt. If any of my readers can verify any of the information do drop me a comments.

Reason to blog.

The reason to blog is to let people know how you feel. As what one of my friends said, what's on the net stay on the net.

The other reasons is to let the whole damn world know how you feel. Sometimes you just want to have an avenue to vent some pent up fustration. Someone is bound to read it. Sometimes.

Have more children?

During my parent time, the policy was to "stop at 2". Now, 30 years later, it is "have more if you can". The government is going that way so as to solve the problem of an aging population. But is it?

How can you solve the problem of an aging population by having more birth? Would it not mean the same problem will happen again in the future? Furthermore it will be multiplied by the fact that we have a bigger old population then?

There may be an underlying problem here. It is the investments and insurance. As the population get older, there will be more and more pay out. The increase payouts are due to more insurance policy getting mature. These will mean the pool of money get smaller and smaller. Thus to over this situation, they need people to put in more money. Generally speaking who are the likely catagory of people who will put money in? Young people. People with much to lose. So they buy insurance or make "investments".

So as the population gets older, there will be less people to support the "insurance and investments". It will come a time when the pool of money is not enough to support the organization. Then it will collapse. As the population gets older, there will be less people paying taxes. Lesser people to support the tax structure too. It will also face the risk of collapsing if the population does not have the critial mass. Thus Singapore is encourgaing "foregin talent" to come to singapore to take up citizenship to participate in paying taxes and contribute to the "investment" so that those who has invested earlier on can cash out bigger amount of money.

To me, a piece of land is an asset. This piece of land is fix in size. (Ignoring the fact that you can reclaim and rasing sea level is usable land away) How can you create more of this asset by having more people living on it? A piece of land can only support so much people. Tax it too much, it will not be able to support the people for long. Too little people living on the land also means that the full potential is not brought out.

The solution is to keep the population relativly constant. We are wasting away our earth. We must know that resources are limited. Unlike what investment gurus are saying, "I can create wealth". There is only 1 earth. How the fuck are they going to create more wealth? It is just divding the pie into smaller pieces. They they can take more of it. haaaaaaaaaa

The world top few most populated countries. You should follow in China footsteps. Stop at 1. Do not let your population go uncheck. Pushing your citizien out of the country is not a solution. It is only temporary. Evenly spreading the population. Sharing it with other country.

1 earth. Limited resources. Have children so that they will need to fight for a ever smaller portion of the same resouces? Think again.

Grass is Greener

Where is there green grass? Where grass is greener is where there is light, water and nutrients. Where there is green grass is also where the herbivore will gather to graze. Where they graze, they shit. So does it make sense where there is shit, there is green grass?

Should i become a shit collector?

Whoever operate the sewerage should be very rich. No wonder they say that money stinks.

The first brick has fallen.

In a domino set up. When the first brick fell, the rest will follow. All the brick will fall. Sooner or later. Until the pattern is completed.

The first brick has fallen. It has set in motion something which is unstoppable. I have booked my holiday for Gold Coast and will depart on the 9th Dec. If everything goes as expected.

Sleepless nights

Have you ever had sleepless night? Last night was one such night for me. I lie in bed. Not too much tossing but lying still. Staring at the empty ceiling. I start to wonder, what can I be doing if i am not working? Why can't I sleep?

Just the night before I received a compliant from my wife that I snored so loud that it stop her from sleeping. Oops. Snoring not something I can stop conciously.

Want to read... but cannot on the light. Surf the net, but read all the interesting stuff already. Work? Never. I have lost hope of ever doing something interesting for the company. Lost hope in the way they work. The only hope i have is striking toto during work. Well it is hope that keep the human spirit alive. Hope, that keep people going.

Oh yeah, I realize today, the difference between the driven and not normal people is pretty simple. They want something so badly, they will persist, consistently at the same task, like the droplet of water falling from the sky. Keep on going until something big stop them or when they reach their destination. Destination Earth!

Oh yeah. Another day! My hope is alive. I have someone to care and share. I am a contented man. I am a happy man afterall.

A sea of Red.

A day has pass and the nation is now 41 years and a day old. Make that 2 days old. On the actual day, I noticed that many were wearing the national colors, Red and white combination. It make me realize that Singapore are actually quite patriotic. If all of them are Singaporeans that is.

This is a the fact that Singapore has more that 25% of its current population as foreigner. That is a fact. The government has a rule imposed to actual limit the number of non Singaporean employee that it can employ. Ok so it is not a rule but a ratio.

Enough of the bad thoughts. Happy Birthday Singapore.

What do you do when someone say, "I'll tell you... "

When someone says that to you, you can either choose to ignore it or you can choose to rebut. The thing about this is that when the sentence start with this few words, it is basically from a personal point of view. When a personal view is express, it always skewed towards the perception of the originator.

Of course this is also a personal blog. The ideas are skewed towards my understanding and my feelings. You are free to object. And I can choose not to listen.