Define a Singaporean.

Born in Singapore? Does being born in Singapore make one a Singaporean? Citizen can be made. What made a person a Singaporean?

The election is round the corner... lets vote!

View from my Window Pane

It was raining cats and dogs. The rain stain my clear window.

The fresh air after it was refreshing. I almost feel relax. Except for the fact that tomorrow will be monday. Sighz. Posted by Picasa

Moon. Up close and personal

I use a tripod.
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Does this confirm the roumur?

Article by ChannelNewsAsia

"Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has expressed concern that Hougang and Potong Pasir residents will lose out on upgrading if they do not vote for the People's Action Party." - channelnewsasia.

After scrutinzing the piece of news publish by ChannelNews Asia, I cannot help but feel that the upgrading is a piece of "Carrot" use by the current ruling party to gain an advantage in the coming election.

Every citizens pay taxes to the government. Why should the citizens living in Hougang and Potong Pasir be left out.

Supporting the government and supporting the ruling party has a clear and distinct difference.


Key is the metaphor for ability. Posted by Picasa

Sleeping Princess.....

After an hour of frisbee session, my niece is down. Haa the only way to get them to be quiet is to expend their energy in games and exercise. Posted by Picasa

My Desk.

Nothing more needs to be said.
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The thing about trees is that they give an anicent, serenity peace when viewing them. They stand up to adversity and are an embodiment of wisdom pass on by mother nature.

Tree, is being cut down. Remember they are living creatures too. Posted by Picasa

Hope is...........

When the sky is overcast .... there is a piece of bright blue sky. Posted by Picasa

Jungle. What it means to different enity.

What a Jungle means to a Singaporen. Cold hard concreate.
Fighting in a Rat Race to the find the big cheese.

What a jungle means to an ant. Green moss and tiny shrubs on
my flower vase.

What is worth protecting?

Mr Prime Minister, the definition of worth protecting is different for everyone. Money for one is not worth defending.

My List of things worth defending ( not in any order. Of cos that is just what came to mind. )
- My childhood memories.
- My home
- My conscience
- My fish tank of fish
- My relationship with my friends
- My freedom
- My happiness
- My wife happiness
- The photos I took all this while
- My family peace
- My piece of mind
- Mother Nature

If I can buy all those things, then it does not matter where I am. People who migrate are not really quiters, they just can get what they want out of Singapore. After saying that, perhaps it is time to focus on the more intangible aspect about living in Singapore.

If everything can be counted, then we are all just bean counters. Counting. What do u think?

R.T. = Remedial Training

Remedial Training started on the 25th Mar
Remedial Training is at Bedok Camp.
2.4Km run is the caused of my current muscle ache.