Highlights of events as thru the camera lens.

Wedding always bring together a lot of friends who has not meet up for awhile. But at the wedding dinner of our friend, Mr and Mrs Chun (now) things are slightly different. A piece of carbon steal the lime light. You can't help but notice as it was very well polish and reflect the light from within the ballroom. I met up with Ah Chew, who is very much happily attached. Joseph whom I have not seen for a long time. He is spoting more hair that when he graduated from poly. Mr and Mrs Yap, took precious time off from their baby to be here for Mr/Mrs Chun BIG Day. Eric and Sufang together with their daughter. The last time I have seen her was when she was in the rocker. Now she is a bubbly girl. Mr Tan, Ah Lim and me came from the same place in Queensway. Here we are again in Hilton hotel.

Finally, my best wishes for the 2 in the top right hand corner of the photo. May you be happy and without worries always.
The Rock and The Finger = A very Happy Lim Yeah Yeah Yeah! Posted by Picasa

The little Star at our table

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The Rock.

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One Ring to bind them all.

The highlight of the photo is the ring on the hand. Notice the fine, long and delicate fingers. Not forgetting the piece of highly compress and polish carbon on the finger next to the little pinky. And I quote "For my one and only love." I applogise to all if I have mis-quote cos the photo came out to be blur. Posted by Picasa

Husband and Wife

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2005 is but a moment in Time

The last few hours of 2005 is here. Just like this photo, people are moving so fast in my life. I am wondering if I can catch up. Posted by Picasa

Goodbye Frosty!!

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Sunset on Boxing Day

With this picture, I feel sad. The end of a long holiday has come. It is back to work tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Night View of Seletar

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Tree House Candidate #4

Large trees are hard to find in Singapore. This is one beautiful tree. Does it not conjure an image of elves living from the branches. And the branches linking to another tree. Like Rivendale as in the Lord of the Ring? Posted by Picasa

Been There? There again.

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Dreams and Ideas.

Clouds and dreamer always goes together. Eureaka is usually represented by a lamp. This photo is trying to tell you that dreamer are usually those that come out with the ideas. Posted by Picasa

Entrance to the Dragon Palace.

The steps and the jetty was probably built a long long time ago. Current it is a few fee under the surface. It is like a road to a watery wonderland. The sign there says "No Entry". Well I guess that means the wonderland is closed. In a way it can also be kinda of grim. You infer it yourself. Posted by Picasa

Seletar View from the Top

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Christmas Eve morning view from my Window.

There is no chimey in these sort of houses. Or rather the correct term will be flats. As time pass and one get older, the magic of christmas dwindle. When I was young, I would wake up on christmas morning and look forward to all the good animation that would be showing. There was Charile Brown's Christmas special, Garfield's , Smurf etc (I think I have forgetten a number of them). I was reluctant to even leave the house. My dad would always like to take the opportunity to go back to grandma's place.

As I was in my teenage years, things will different, sort of. I was still watching show on Christmas but can't wait to go out with friends on Christmas. Or was it Christmas Eve. I still remember going for the Singapore Swing. That was where the close the whole of Orchard and have it turn in a big Disco place. But that was a failure. Cos' it is not happening now. Any that was one hell of a crowded. Squeeze pass all those sweaty body and stuff and don't have alot of money to get a cab back home.

Now, this day and time, it is my turn to spend money and fulfill the dreams and wishes of those people very much younger than me. To buy them presents and toys so that they can happy and still believe in a Santa Clause.

Those western-ize cartoons is not helping by repeatedly showing how Santa enter the house, thru the chimmey. How can a Singapore flat have a chimmey?! Perhaps someone could come up with a Singapore version where Santa hover outside the window and drop the present. We should start hanging the stocking on the window to facilitate reciveing present.

And to end my inchorent ramblings about things, christmas is now only a merchants gimmicks for selling. And of cos not forgetting us employees execuse to go on a holiday. Cheers!! Wishing one and all a merry merry Christmas. May your Childhood dreams live again. Posted by Picasa

I spoke to soon.

I may have lost my phone, but here it is wishing all my friends a merry Christmas!

I am a Blessed Man

The minister said, ".... In sickness and in health..... for better or for worse.....". This was what I heard and to that I replied, "I do".

That was 3 years ago. How time fly.


Meeting. I never really like meetings. I find them a waste of time. Meeting take up time were action can be done. But the higher you go up the corporate ladder, the significant of meetings increases. It has now become a necessary evil.

What I normally do when I am in a meeting is just to keep quiet. If I do not need to conduct the meeting or to faclitate it. Speak only when spoken to. That is the best policy. However it is never good to be passive. You just let problem hit you. But then again you can only do something if you are in the decision position. I am just a tech Arch.

Technical wise. Can do means can do. Don't have to worry about the rest of the stuff.

Body on Display

Along the passage way linking the Esplande and CityLink, there are plenty of displays. This one caught my attention. Colour being one of them. 2nd is the plastic, limbless representation of the woman's body. Some shop is selling undergarment. Posted by Picasa

Picture on the wall.

Some how I just like it. Posted by Picasa

Shaking with Rage! Image also not clear

I love my wife. She has a very animated face. After knowing her for so long, I am knowing more and more of her non verbal expression very well. This is one of her not serious angry face. It is very diffcult to catch this on picture. So I am actually very fortunate this time round. You who are reading this will not know how much slapping on back I have to endure after she saw this. I love it. I love you my dear wife if you ever read this and I am sorry I just could not resist putting this on my blog. Posted by Picasa

Between the lines

They say to know the truth you have to read between the lines. But between these 2 lines all I see is a long way down. Posted by Picasa

Ig for Igloo?

Does it means this is the North? The land of Santa Clause magic toy factory? Posted by Picasa

The turtle back.

Have one ever seen the HK exhibition Center? It kinda look like a turtle. Singapore also have one. It is call the Esplanade. Posted by Picasa

My Point is Women like to wear Slippers. Even when it is formal.

This is not a very well compiled picture. But as one can see, I have no diffculty getting shots of women wearing slippers. Lazyness? Guys at least wear sandals. Posted by Picasa

The Star of David? Not!!

While I was walking along City Link, I saw this Christmas tree with this star. It was reflected off the staircase glass panel. Posted by Picasa

Bull Run?

I think the Chinese zodiac year that is coming in 2006 is Dog but there are talk about the Singapore Bull run. When will it end? Well this bull does not seem to be going anywhere but it sure catches the eye. Posted by Picasa