A Person Legacy. What is it?

The thing about leading a purposeful life was to think about death. This is recently surfaced by the media after they investigate the happiest country in the world and that made quite an impression in me; personally. 

For those with folks with children, they put their 100+1 percent into the next generation and groom them to be better than themselves. Most parent do almost anything. Almost always, why do they do certain things, "For the kids" was the answers. (Or some variation of it)  Some, the kid was an accident and they could not care less. That is the life. That is human. 

What about those without children? What is their legacy? What do we want to pass on to the next generation? What do I want to pass on to the next generation? What can one do? What should one do? Have you think about it? It is an interesting question.

You have no one to pass on. It ends with you. Or does it?

Think about it.....