Programming Language Mapped to Human Language

Java which is like English, spoken in a large majority of the world. Currently present in major enterprises.

NET is like Chinese, it came up big and fast in recent times, challenging Java dominance as the business language.

NodeJS is like Japanese, you do not know where it has already penetrated until you are in immerse in it. Side note, I started to watch NHK World recently and the exposure to their program is an eye opener. Japanese steadfast and positive attitude is like NodeJS single threaded and non blocking model.

PHP is like French, Its one of the older language for web based application. Pretty fancy but never really caught on. It has plenty of people wanting to learn it but it just seems to stuck in France. Never getting out of Web.

C++ is like German. Reliable technology. Not so much in web or IOT of things but but but, it probably had interacted with the IOT of things before the IOT of things reaches you. Did one realized that most compilers out there are written in C or C++?

What do you think, is it an appropriate match?
How can we inspire one to become a writer, a programmer or a developer? How do we make it sexy again?