The answer to the question of quite a number of problem.

In the world right now is quite a number of pressing issues. Things like global warming, green house gases, lack of portable water, lack of living space etc. Basically a lack of resources. I think have the answer. Reduce demand. We can't or can we?

However about reducing population? Spare a thought for the other species. We need space so do they. Some country are doing their part. Some are not. Reducing the population will reduce the need to produce green house gases. Solar power plant and hydro electric dam will be sufficient.

Less population also mean that each individual has more space. And will not accidentally step on another toes. Less chance for aggression and hence less chance of war. We have more resources to go around hence less need to fight for it.

Updates: 19/9/2009 6:18am +8 GMT
I am right. Popular Science just posted an article
In there is a research article to back it up. India better start doing its part to control its population.

But what is making it difficult is that people do not see it that way. Economy itself preach a exact opposite. You need to be increase year on year to have an improving economy. Insurance. As the pool grow, the maturing account will get more money. Government are pushing for a higher population to prop up demand, GDP and also internal consumption.

Why can't we automate and live with the current population.