Believe in God not man.

Looking at what happen recently, monk in financial tussle, preacher in sex scandal, pastor turn singer, people in position of power due to religion. This reiterate the statement "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupt absolutely."

Everyone do something for the sake of another. Cause and effect. Action reaction.

Marketing and Sales.

What is the difference between them? Marketing and Sales? Marketing is the action of convey the information that it is good and beneficial. Sales is this context is a noun. It refers to the activities where a certain good or services is exchange for services or money.

What is the difference between a person working in marketing and a person working in sales?
I have no idea but this is what I think are the difference.
1) Marketing make the services look good. Through the use of verbal and visual media.
1a) Sales folks make the services look good verbal and influence you into feeling the good or services are good enough for you.