To Be or not To Be? That is the Question.

Severity 1 or Not Severity 1, that is the question. How can there be a breach when there is no border in place?

Over the weekend in my company mail box bounced a few mails from the management. Someone breach an imaginary line and caused a severity 1 situation. (I did not see someone dying ? ). So the top people sent not 1 but 2 warning email to all the middle management. The email brush the incident by and concentrate on just the warning.

This is a case where by the decision making criteria is not made known. The top and the operation people do not see eye to eye in how the decision should be made. Hence when things happen on the ground, the ground people make the decision. The top felt the pain and feedback the pain in the form of procedures, red tape and warning.

The more I see how things are being run, the more I feel that I cannot stay long.