Never really like being in a hospital. The waiting for your loved one to come out from the surgery room is really long even if it is only a few minutes.

Apart from the NHG project and AMS days where I need to go to work in TTSH, this is the only time I am in a hospital during the day for so long.

I would not like to die in the hospital.

My Passion: Java

Since my days in part-timing days in RMIT where I flung my Java Implementing module once, I have gotten to know Java much better. From the days of Java 1.1 to the current Java 5, I have been diligently following its progress and development.

Recently (not really since it was a year ago), due to my work environment, I was not able to follow and do reading up. In fact for a while I felt uninterested. So on a bored and tired day, I pop into java.sun.com and read up the development for Java 6 and was really impressed. Again.

A few thing caught my eye, the ability for Java to utilize the native scripting language and the out of beta monitoring abilities. I think Sun site is really filled with good information and should be what a good corporate site should be. Unlike some other companies sites (Internet or Intranet pages like wise)

So pop on by to java.sun.com to do some reading.