Not been blogging for a while. Part of it is due to being busy. Busy with? Renovation, new toy and then of course work and tiredness.

I seems to be playing middleman now a days pretty offend. Not to long ago, I help my friend obtain a position in my company. Now I am helping to broker another position for a friend of mine. Both are friends.

Which bring me to another topic:-
What do you do if the boss wants to hire but is not too keen on sending the job description?

When one is hiring, there will probably be a position to fill. That position will have certain set of responsibilities and that will require a certain skill set. That skill set will be the job description.

What happen if there is none? Does this mean, you will need to handle everything? Without this, there is no security. Like a "garunguni man" you will be deployed to where there is is shit and need people to clear. How do you feel? What will you do?