Fairy Shrimp

This is a fairy shrimp. A cousin of the Brime Shrimp. This species live in fresh water instead of salt water. Other than that, the generally appear the same.
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Block 275A

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Save Gaea?

Recently a concert was organize and held in promotion of a Greener Earth or a more environmental conscious human. Then some environmentalist, reject the concert as a positive impact stating that the preparation of that concert did more damage to Earth than what it was trying to promote. ie. Artist taking private jet from place to place to performed and the amount of trash it generate, fliers etc.

To me, if you treat Gaea as person, you should give her more space. In recent years, (relative to the age of the earth) human population has grown. There is less space for her and this has caused pressure on her ability to heal herself.

If you take the analogy of Gaea as a human and all the species living on earth as organ or cell in the body, then the human is an unusually large organ. Bordering on being cancerous.

Perhaps human are starting to see that our Earth is ailing. We are trying to save it. In my honest opinion, the way to go is to allow expansion out of Gaea. It is in our nature to procreate. But we can no longer support the large population. (Some countries are still trying to boost the population so as to improve the economy). Technology is the key to living with a smaller population on earth. Technology should not be a commodity where only the rich will have it.

Earth can support our need, but not our greed.

Make your money work harder.

Recently I have been trying to figure out how to make my money work harder for me. The simplest, easiest and safest way is to put it into a fix deposit account.

But hey! Banks in Singapore are offering peanuts interest rate for Singapore dollars. But they are offering higher interest rates for Foreign currency. Hmmm.

I did up a spread sheet with the current interest rates and foreign currency exchange rates and publish it in Google Spreadsheet. Take your time to analyse it. The example inside is based on SGD and the Foreign currency is USD.


It is what I think can help my money work harder for me. It is up to you to think.

Faber Fab

The view from the hill of Mount Faber.
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