Fixing a shacky LCD Screen

Recently, the laptop lcd (Dell 640m) screen had gotten shaky on me. So I decide to fix it.

First of all, turn the laptop belly up and remove the battery. Remove the 2 screw located at the red arrow.

Secondly, turn it back up and use a flat head screwdriver and gently pry the top out. It should come out easily. Then you will see 4 screw anchoring the LCD screen. Using the philips (Cross head ) screwdriver and tighten it. Presto !!! The LCD is firm again.

Steel Duck

Steel duck, amour feathers.
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Mirror Image

You are not seeing double. Just a well engineered piece of naval vehicle berth side by side.
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My new phone.

I got myself a K800i phone yesterday. It looks good and feel good and hopefully its compatible with my new Linux laptop. I am still having problem connecting it using bluetooth.

However, this morning, I tried to charge it again. It did not charge. Shit.

I need to check it using my brother charger.

An emerging trend.

This something which I only started to notice, with the clarify of though of a person who just woke up. (Like a Eureka moment)

I noticed that the leaders of Singapore are never really leaders. The ideas are never really original (Most of the time). Take for example the starting of the use of bio-diesel. They are about 5-10 years behind Europe or America in terms of mindset and use.

The leaders seems to be adopting a wait and see approach and then play catch up when the idea take off.

Being Environmental

Roughly a year ago, I was telling a friend of mine, that it would be great if Singapore start to use bio-diesel as a source of fuel.. Only now the government of Singapore start to come public on the move to going in the direction of being a regional hub of bio-diesel.

Apart from the Economical benefits, there is also the environmental one. (The see more $$$ than anything else) . I think it is the way to go. In this sense, I would say, well done Singapore.
You are only a few years behind.