Static Electricity

Static Electricity are electrical charge stored in or on a non conduction material surface. (In layman term)

Ever since I step into my old/new office in Jan. I have been noticing that, I am very susceptible static electricity shock. The cubicle partition wall seems to be storing quite a bit of static electricity. Every time when least expected, I would be shocked (mildly) while brushing pass the partition wall.

I wonder if this is a SIGN?

Ubuntu Installation on a wide screen laptop

I am not sure if you own a laptop or not, if you ever had the same problem that I had when I install Ubuntu. So here is my experience with the feisty installation.

The desktop installer cannot boot up properly as it was unable to detect the monitor/screen properly. The GDM cannot start. So this is what I did. I downloaded the alternate installer and installed the Ubuntu using that. As expected, the GDM did not start up. So using Aptitute, I installed 915resolution.

After reboot, it worked. The GDM started properly and I am back online in Ubuntu!

Ubuntu Feisty Upgrade.

I finally gave in and upgraded my Edgy to Feisty although it is still in the beta phase.
I was rewarded but at the same time I also encountered a major boo boo.

Well I was impress with the new desktop effects and stuff but my Accessories category failed to work. Everytime the accessories menu is listed the panel restarts. I still have no idea what and where when wrong.

Given the current situation, I am going to re-install the Linux with the Feisty Herd 4 beta again. How it all started was the "update-manager -d"

Well, here I come for some investigation work. Help me if you can. I am a Linux Convert not a Linux Expert.

Hao Xin Ren I got the domain back.

Questions: Why is time faster when we are asleep than when we are awake?

Do you ever had one of those time when you wake up with a question in mind. Today happen to be one of those day. I realize that I have fallen asleep on the living room. Then I had this question, Why does close to 8 hours pass in just a blink of an eye? ie Why has time moved so fast when I fell asleep?

Some personal knowledge of time:
1) It is an unit that measure passing of a moment.
2) It is derived from the speed of light.
3) It is relative.
4) It cannot be reversed. (At least with the current technology)

I guess time is just a perception thingy. Some perceive that a year is 365 days which in fact is 365.25 days. Hence the leap year. Some see that a work week is 5 days. (Others see it as 7 but not me). So perhaps the brain interpret time differently when we are in the rest mode. The passive rejection of external inputs from the environments coupled with the speed of the neurons firing in the brain caused the perception of time to change.

This is just my simple theory. Share urs?