E-Mart - What is it selling that are good?

The E-Mart. Those who are in similar shoes will know what that terms means with respect to being a Singaporean and a reservist. If you are observant enough, you will notice that quite a number of people who jog in the park wear a NB or a Brooks jogging shoes. There are also plenty of people in the train wearing those. It is not that these 2 brands are popular in Singapore. Neither is their design very attractive. The reason that it is common is because it is available to Singaporean reservist cheaply and it looks decent. (It use to be free. It is still free. Sort off )

The Emart sells them to reservist or NSF. Maybe selling is not a correct word. It is more like distributing. So people will get them for their use or their family to use. Grandfather wear it, the younger sisters wear it, the mother wear it. If you look around sometimes, even the non Singaporean wear it. (I guess there are more than 1 source for that design other than the Emart.)

The other alternative item which I think are worth it are the towel It quality is quite high compare to those generally available. And at approximately SGD$6 it is worth it. However those whose waist are not of the normal size, then it might be too small for you. For me, it is only overlapping about 6-7 inches.

This end the review of the Emart "Selling items"

6.5 Million?

Today's paper. "Singapore Planning for 6.5 million population". Do we really have that much space for so many people? Hello!! When you make the comparison to other City with so much people, you need to understand that they are cities!!!! Whereas this little red dot is a Country!! Other people living in the cities can escape to the rural areas. They can choose. Where can we go too? Living from hand to mouth, just to pay for a space to stay, where would we have the ability to get out of country, to work or play? If we are moving in that direction, the price of the space to stay is definitely going to rise. Spare a though for those that are not so elite. Who would want to bring up their children into a cramp little red dot then?

Is this a conspiracy theory to get all the Singaporean to stay in country?

Roller Blade.

Roller Blading is a good sports. That is the other only sport that I have been involve in since the days of canoing.

I bought a pair of blades and well after about 6 hours of blading session over a span of say 3 months. I might say, I know how to blade and can be consider a novice.


400th Post

I think Blogging has become a way for me to grumble about stuff. ie Voice my resentment.

Received a call yesterday, let call this person, L. "Have you sent the documents to her yet? Please sent it in by tomorrow 4pm. I don't need to see it. I don't want to be nagged by her again."

Somehow, our own internal process has just gone out the window. From the statement you would have realize that, when it went out the window was not made known to me. Oh well ... so be it.

The more support I get from my client from doing a good job or playing the correct human factor card, the more painful it is for them when I say "No. I do not want to continue." Time is ticking. So far the work and the work condition is good. But then let see how things go. I might strike Toto you know?

What do you do when you cannot sleep at night?

Night time are a good time to think. There is less noise and less conscious brainwaves being broadcast by other humans.(Those on the other side of the globe are too weak to interrupt).

I would wonder, what make a human, human? When you break down a human, they are basically protein cells. Bits and pieces of protein. The thought processes are basically electrical response at the cellular level and in-between the billion of billions of protein cells, bone cells, fat cell, water....... Things that make up a human. What are coherent thoughts to these cellular entities? Why are we born and what make these molecule and cells and atoms behave like humans? Why is it that when all the required elements, in the right proportion thrown together don't make a human?
Are we mere shell which the soul enter and control?

Why do power corrupt? Why do the government think they have good of the people in mind? Why do they think they are need to play golf? Is it because, just like business, some policy are thought up in the greens? Like our free trade agreement with the US. I recall Mr Goh mentioned that the deal was agreed during a golf session with President. Democratic society? Or capitalistic state? Or Capitocratic state? Where those with more capital are more democratic. Since I contribute more to the economy, I have more say? Group decision is not shared risk. Why do Temesk holding not admit that it has made a bad move in its recent investment in Shin Corp? Why must english be use to mesh up the state of the matters? Why is it a long term investment? Is it because it cannot be cash out, sold? Cos if it was sold, then it would really realize the lost. Currently it is only paper lost. It HAD the potential to recover. Why can't they admitted that the mis-judge a character in TT Durai? The government back him up when he was in his glory day. Now when everything is in light, they back away and distant him from the ministers. Why? A wrong is a wrong. A wrong can be made up but it cannot erase history. Just like that, Mrs Goh thinks that SGD $600,000 is peanuts. Well, comparatively most folks earn less than $3000 a month. Has living too good a life left the leaders too out of touch with the general public? Has drawing too high a monthly paycheck change their perspective of what is important and what is not? If you say public transport.... then why is it privatize? When you say it is transparent, why are some of the public figures hidden? White Horse, why do they deny it and years later confirm that there was such a category of soldier?

Ok. To summarize things. Thinking really take up energy. Cos right now, after about 1/2 hour and a glass of water, the Sandman has come again. I think I am going to bed now. And the neighbour living above us finally has their kitchen light turn off. And the bed room is back to the peaceful darkness. (Except for the light from the laptop.)

Almost done.

Ok. This is my flat. Almost complete. They are finishing the surrounding area. The question now is when we can get the keys and start the renovation. Another big lum sum of money is being pictured going down the drain. I am going to make it worth my while.
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House Theme?

What should a your house or home feel like? Does it need a theme? Must it be presentable or just comfortable will do?

?? To spend or not to Spend? That is the question.