Getting Angry

Today I witness another case of children going out of control. My young cousin is nagging his father, my uncle to go home. But he keep pushing it to later. He keep nagging and finally showed his temper.

I lose my temper too. Why are our children getting to be like that?

No father material in me.

5 more days to the death of 2006

5 more sleeps till 2006 is over. How time fly.

This year was pretty eventful. Election was held this year, I left my company, rainfall was measured to be the highest in approx 20 years for Singapore... the list goes on and on.

Day 7 Eumundi market

Eumundi Market. It is a pretty good place to spend some tourist buck. It full glory only open on Wednesday and Saturday from between 8:00 am to 1:30 pm in the afternoon.

This place is great. It has what the big supermarket lacks. Character and Art. Various artist , craftsman or woman gather here to sell their wares. Food included.

My recommendation is to visit this place at least once, when you are in Brisbane. Eumundi Market.

As you can see it is very popular. The carpark is full!!

Part of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, the place to surf. Sun, Sand and the Sea.
Yes I got a sun burn.

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Day 1 and 2 at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

Day 1. After touchdown, we were whisked away to the jetty to catch the 1st boat ride for the day to the tangalooma, wild dolphin resort. This is our ride.

This is the view of the resort from the sea.
This is the resort from the jetty. That is not the reception build.
Yup. This is it.
The activity there are plenty. From snorkeling, diving, tanning to 4WD ride and sand toboggan.

Australia, DreamWorld Day 2

I tried this ride too. Posted by Picasa

Tower Drop

This is the tower drop. You are sent approximately 12 storey up. Then drop you down at terminal velocity.

My heart was at my throat when the drop happened. It slowly crawl back to it original place in my chest after a few seconds. Then when I started enjoying the speed and adrenaline , it slowed down. That was day 2. Posted by Picasa

Sunrise from 11000m in the air

Seeing the sun rise so high up in the air, it is a sight to behold. No matter how many times I see it, it never fails to give me a sense of awe.

Sunrise sunset. It is another day again. Posted by Picasa


A fall when I was in the army came back to haunt me. After that fall, I had a hairline crack in my little toe on my left leg. In addition, my knees had a sprain. I was unable to run properly for 1/2 year.

Now recently, it seems that taking up blading has cause unnecessary stress to the knees.

Now is all "ouch".

This site provides quite a bit of information on knee injuries.

Singaporean and Lift

At the end of 2006, I realize one thing. That thing is that there are some minute number of Singaporean who are ignorant of how the lift button works.

I was in the lift returning from my evening jog. The lift stop at 11th floor. A young girl of around 15 approached the lift wanting to enter. "Going up?", I asked. She turn towards an unseen companion and laugh. The lift door closed and continue its way up.

Lift Button and how it works
If you want to go up, press the up button. Any lift that is going up will stop when it is at your level.

If you want to go down, press the down button. Any lift that is going down will stop at your level.

Wireless at SG

IDA's wireless at Sg plan seems to be working. However, the capability to handle large volume of traffic might not be there yet.

I was in the library yesterday with my laptop trying to surf using the wireless@sg connection. It prove abit of hassle as it did not reflect my password change. So I had to flip out my handphone to reference the password.

Apart from that, it was relativly smooth. Speed was acceptable from a public kiosk accessing internet.

However towards the end of my session, my connection dropped. I was redirected to a singtel wireless login page.

Huh?????? WTF!!!

I did not have time to find out more. to be con't ........ (if there is a 2nd time)

East Coast on a Thursday Afternoon.

Must applogize for my sms. But I also want to share the view. It was a great day! Posted by Picasa