How the world revolves.

Since the day the Big Bang, electron orbits around the central body which consist of the proton and the nucleus. Things have not change since then.

The earth orbits around the sun and the sun around the black whole at the center of our galaxy.

More "human" level, my world of course revolves around me. My "Work", what I like to do. Nothing is going to change that. If my work happens to change state then, it just fall off the orbit in my world. It will never change my orbit around the happiness of my family and friends.

Introducing My PicasaWeb

I am proud to present my Picasa Web page.

Looks like I will not be posting in my Blog for a while. But Picasa web should have more activity. So keep in tune.


Sometimes, the world is a small place. Sometimes it is an amalagamation of many land masses too large to describe. Some other time it just like a red dot. "Bull's eye" you might say.

It just happen, at the end of the "Superman Return" show, the light turn on and everyone shuffle out from their seats and head for the exit. 2 seat away on my left was a friend. I only realize that it was Desmond when the light came on. He brush pass me getting to his seat and did not realize it was him. The world is a small place sometimes.

We catch up and ensured that we remain contactable and then parted. Not before hearing "Goal" coming from the large screen display outside Suntec Carrefour. Portugal scored. Bye bye England.