My flat today is now 7th Storey high. Well in another 8 more storey, it will be complete. Anyway the bungkok MRT station will be open in 1st Jan 06. Another 30+ days or so. But due to the construction going on, some folks will have to make big big detour to reach the entrace of the MRT Posted by Picasa

My Friend Vincent Posted by Picasa

After Sitex. Food

Buying food. Singaporean have a great passion for food. My friend here though not a Singaporean share the same passion. Which is why he is smiling so brightly when queuing for out prata dinner. We got 4 prata. 2 mushroom with cheese and 1 sasuage and cheese and tissue prata. Oh ya did I mentioned that the Teh Tarik is good. Posted by Picasa


My Key Board. Posted by Picasa

My nephew Max

My 2 going to 3 year old nephew Max. Wearing my blue tint glasses. Posted by Picasa

My New Specs

My new pair of spec. What I saw in the shop was that this was a blue frame. However, the remarks that I have was that it is actually purple.  Posted by Picasa

My Spec broke

I think it is coincident by. This spectecale that I had is not lasting very long. Perhaps, should I get transition lenses?