Mr Lim N girlfriend.

Hijack this from my friends Friendster. Am just happy for them. Happy 30thBirthday Mr Lim.

The photo I took when Quinnie came back from the month long penang rescam course. Posted by Picasa

Most beautiful day of my life yet. Posted by Picasa

Bygone years. Of fitter self and smaller waist. Those days were fun and carefree Posted by Picasa

My Life Goal

I always have a passion for huge trees. As you can see from some of my past entry, I have capture some very nice trees. Some of those are really huge.

One day *Thunder and Lighting* these idea pop into my mind and that is to build a tree house in Singapore. One with some decent space in it. Equip with the modern day stuff, aircon, internet etc etc. At the same time it should be eco-friendly.

What do you think? Do you have a suggestion? Who can we approach to help?

I will be posting some of the ideas formed in the gray matter that is my brain as soon as it is form.

I went to see my new place yesterday. This a picture taken from my mobile phone. See they are building the 4th floor already. Hmm the pace seems to have slow down. Our block seems to have the fastest progress. Posted by Picasa

Wife and Husband. Posted by Picasa

I give the biggest Ang Pao that night. Posted by Picasa

Which is better? The one on the left, my bruther is sleeping and not concentrating on the camera man. The one on the wright seems to be a bit blur and is not clear. Posted by Picasa