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I love my camera and my friends. Posted by Picasa

Alamak. Professsional camera man also turn out this kind of shots.  Posted by Picasa

Keep it up. Smile. Be Happy. Posted by Picasa

D day -1

Less than 15 hrs now.

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< 90 H

< 90 H till MH653 touch down.


Dday -6
Spending the whole day try to finish the reading up on the e-course. It was interesting for a while. But then today is Sunday. What am i doing?

Since 3rd Dec 2002. I am always the King. Cos I married the Queen (ie Quinnie). Now this king is bored and no queen. Oh soo bored.

Sunday is usually ironing day + lunch out and then maybe evening walk walk.

What I am doing today? Watching the computer screen. Scrolling through line and lines of words.
Hope it is for a good cause for my career.

Anyway 138 more hours to go. Till MH653 touch down.

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someone invented the blue light district? Posted by Picasa

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Things are never constant in the Airport Posted by Picasa

This condo is along Gurney stretch of road. It is also along the beach front. It cost at least RM 2,400,000. It has a floor aread of abt 550 sq meter. Basically about the size of 5 HDB 5 room flat. I think that is about the whole floor. Cool right? Posted by Picasa

The streets from another city. Posted by Picasa

The world is either basketball lover or football lover. Posted by Picasa

My Wife and Me in Penang. The 2nd time. The last time was 2003 for our wedding. Posted by Picasa

You can park in my heart. Will not expire. Dun need to check the timing everynow and then. Posted by Picasa

Wife at work. Husband disturb at your own risk Posted by Picasa

Touch down @ 2210 Posted by Picasa

Moving on the travelator. Posted by Picasa