The day my wife broke my phone.

First of all, I want you (my dear wife) to know (if you are reading this) that i am not angry or upset with you. (You might already have realize that)

What happen you might ask. Well it happen all too innocently. We just reach home after a tiring day bring our niece and nephew for a swimming lesson. She manage to summon up an incredible amount of energy and gave me a big big hug. (Imagine a big hug given by a flying squirrel to a tree that it was landing on.) Given the size that i am (Pls for those who are reading ... I am a sturdy person), I am still standing.

But but... sad to say my grip on my phone and wallet, which i just happen to take out from the pocket, was not as tight as I want it to be. The wallet and handphone absorb the energy and went flying, continuing the trajectory of the squirrel. (Another reason why I am still standing) .

The funny thing is that the metaphor the whole situation has presented. "The money flew out of my hand". Yes my handphone was damage. It cannot charge now. So time to get a new phone.

Time for some retail therapy.
What phone to buy??

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The posting will slow down quite a bit as I have run out of photos for a while. Stay tuned.