This is another of those art shots. Look at the lines. Hmm Posted by Picasa

This is how Sebana Cove chalet. Not to great. Hey they are actually selling the unit to interest buyer @ approx 300,000 plus plus RM. Last check that is. For the updated amount check out their site. Use Google. Posted by Picasa

Ever seen a archer fish getting its meal? Posted by Picasa

Where the statue stands in the bigger picture. Posted by Picasa

Canoeing!!  Posted by Picasa

Falcon II to Falcon 1. We have a pack of sardine here. Posted by Picasa

Boring meeting. Friendly faces. It all happened at the Sebana Cove. Somewhere near Desaru.Posted by Picasa

Statute of Victory? Posted by Picasa

As you can all see our favourite person of the day is Auyong. Back row from the left: Alvin, Kok Yong, Serene, SokYee, Shirley, Sree. Front row: BanHorne and Auyong. Posted by Picasa

Row, Row, Row your boat, gently in the sea, Merrily Merrily .......etc etc. NB: Ban Horne and Serene.  Posted by Picasa

Wild wet. Wet and wild. Water Parade. Posted by Picasa

Group 3 team photos. From the left Arul, Taly, Kok Yong, Grace and Ban Horne. Yours Truly was the camera man. Posted by Picasa

Black, I would is more apporiate a color than green. Posted by Picasa

Girls @ my 21 Birthday party. Posted by Picasa

Ole friends. Posted by Picasa

My cousin and girlfriend. Posted by Picasa

Water is precious. Posted by Picasa

Hold me Jack. - Titianic. Posted by Picasa

Yes look out here we come. Posted by Picasa

The lake. Posted by Picasa

The road. Posted by Picasa

Setting sun. Actually 9 pm already . Posted by Picasa

Lean on me . Posted by Picasa

The thicker skin finally came to good use. Posted by Picasa

Flowers.  Posted by Picasa